Cape Kiwanda, Oregon, 2022

Go, lightly

Few photographers have influenced me more than Galen Rowell.

His philosophy struck me as logical. He believed that the equipment used to make photographs should not interfere with the the experience, or the task. He used small, light, dare we say, amateur gear, to make astounding images. He could hike further, climb higher, go places others dared not.

My photographic goals are to produce peaceful and healing art, discuss my ever-evolving Jet Set Photography Stuff (JSTS) kit: Travel with less and to cast artifacts into the world.


Sam Abell - photographer, (born 1945 in Sylvania, Ohio) is an American photographer known for his frequent publication of photographs in National Geographic. He is a prolific educator. I have watched presentations given at the B&H Optic Conference and others. I own 1 of his books, and wait patiently for his life commemorative work, which he is presently editing. He is currently associated with the Nobechi Creative. I have taken 1 course with Sam and find his peaceful approach the perfect contemplation for me.

Joseph O. Holmes - photographer

Adam Marelli - art inspiration

The RAW Society - education

Craig Mod - Story and Print