Medford, Oregon, 2022

Walk softly,

Few photographers have influenced me more than Galen Rowell

His philosophy struck me as logical. He believed that equipment used to make photographs should not interfere with the experience. He used small, light, gear, to go places where he could find and make astounding images. 

Carry a big stick!

Stop wasting time pursuing IQ in the camera, it's all about the display.  That's why I say, begin with the endS in mind. Consider that anything posted on the internet will be in 8-bit sRGB and compressed beyond your thoughts. The images presented on this site are uploaded medium quality and 45% compressed JPEG's and compressed further from there. Could you tell? Display resolution, not camera sensor technology is limiting your output. 

Fraser River, Richmond, British Columbia, Canada

October 2022

Bed-head Shih Tzu