Passionate Urban/Suburban/Travel/Street photographer living in the Pacific Northwest. Enjoying pre-tirement and evolving a travel ready photography kit. Shoot daily if I can, for when we all can, again. For me, it's about enjoying the destination, making memories along the way.

2020.11.21 /dhL

gear (incomplete)

It may not be of much interest, but I have been experimenting with Photographic software and hardware as a nonprofessional for decades. What I have to say may help.

  1. Cameras

    1. I have many. You cannot use a saw to hammer a nail.

      1. Nikon Z5 (2021) This camera was listed on the blog as the final winner of my 2022 JSTK search. It met most of the criteria in the search, and expectedly just felt most comfortable to whichever hemisphere of the brain interacts with the hardware. I suspect one of the reasons I chose this camera was that in 2017 I had honed in on the D750, but rejected it due to lens construction and weight at the time. The camera was small and light enough, the lenses were all too heavy. The Z line makes effective use of composite materials and the Z mount lenses are all 21st century. Lighter, smaller, optically great. My preference is to not have so many Megapixels since I have used the 42 Mpx SONY a7R3, but have never required so much data for any of my personal work.

      2. Nikon Z50 (2020) This is my backup camera.

      3. Olympus EM1x and Mk2. (2019-2020) These are my bird and plane spotters. Could be a walkabout in very inclement weather, however Z5 is also weather resistant.

      4. Ricoh GR3 (2020) Street pocket camera.

  2. Lenses

    1. Nikon 24-200. It is lightweight, small, collapsing, has remarkable range and is optically very good, if not superior. Why not. It is 21 century designed and manufactured. Weather resistant and low cost. It offers tremendous flexibility when on the move and unable to change lenses. Mated to the Z5, excellent all weather walk about.

    2. Nikon 28mm 2.8. This is not yet available as of writing.

    3. Nikon 16-50 and 50-250 for the Z50.

    4. Nikon 50 1.8 S. Under consideration

    5. Nikon 105mm S Ordered.

  3. Accessories

    1. Universal transformer with USB A plugs

    2. USB A battery chargers

  4. Software

    1. Nikon Suite

    2. Photo Mechanic

    3. DXO PL and NIK Suite