Photo Projects

2021.07.25 I've gotten nowhere in updating photo projects. Right now, we are in the middle of renovating our home, which leaves me very little time for this. What I have learned in the last weeks is that you need to always be patient. One good photo is worth 100's if not 1000's of mediocre ones and millions or billions of bad ones. I have officially decided that I will not post a photo on my Flickr account, or a project until I am good and ready.

2021.05.29 The first image carousel uploaded. Fail. It crops the images in the most inappropriate ways. The second thing I tried was a google slides show, but cookie blocking apparently makes this a hit and miss thing.... Then I tried to export a slideshow, but pasting it and linking to it produced nothing. I am going to take a rest, but think the PDF is the way to go.

2021.05.08 Well, I guess it's time to get serious and add a few projects here. Stay tuned.


Click on the link to a PDF presentation.

Click on the link to a PDF presentation. This is a demo low res version to test ... final version to come /dhL 2020.11.03

Final Web Version - 2020.11.27